Jancok, Dancok, or shortened to Cok (also written as Jancuk or Cuk, Ancok or Ancuk) is a word that is characteristic of communities in East Java, especially Surabaya and Malang. Even though it has a bad connotation, the word jancok has become a source of pride and has become a symbol of identity for the community of users, and is even used as a greeting word to call among friends.

Normally, the word is used as a curse when emotions explode, get angry, or to hate and curse someone. However, in line with the development of the word’s usage, the meaning of the word jancok has expanded to become a symbol of familiarity and distinctive friendship among some of Suroboyo arek-arek.

According to the Gadjah Mada University Online Dictionary, the term “jancuk, jancok, diancuk, pierced, cuk, or cok” is defined as “damn, bastard, bastard (an expression in the form of swear words to express disappointment or can also be used to express amazement over something that is extraordinary)”.

This word has an ambiguous history. Its appearance has been interpreted a lot because of a pun by its former people who misunderstood its meaning, where these versions appear from several neighboring countries where people pronounce words that have different intonations but almost the same font. Because people from some of these neighboring countries pronounced a word that almost resembled the word jancok with an expression of anger or anger and the like, the Javanese used to interpret the word jancok (according to the Javanese tongue) as a curse word.

Arabic version of the arrival

One version of the origin of the word “Jancuk” comes from the word Da’Suk. Da ‘means “leave you”, and assyu’a means “ugliness”, combined into Da’Suk which means “leave the badness”. The word is pronounced in the Surabaya accent as “Jancok”.

Dutch colonial version

According to Edi Samson, a member of the Cultural Heritage in Surabaya, the term Jancok or Dancok comes from the Dutch word “yantye ook” which means “you too”. The term was popular in Indo-Dutch circles around the 1930s. The term is being mocked by Surabaya teenagers to ridicule Dutch citizens or Dutch descent and spell it as “yanty ok” and sound like “yantcook”. Now, the word has changed to “Jancok” or “Dancok”.

Japanese colonial version

The word “Jancok” comes from the word Sudanco from the romusha era which means “Come on, hurry up”. Because of the resentment of the Surabaya youth at that time, the word of the commandment was slanged to be “Dancok”.

Swear version

The residents of Kampung Palemahan in Surabaya have an oral history that the word “Jancok” is an acronym for “Marijan ngencuk” (“Marijan has sex”). The word encuk is Javanese which means “sexual intercourse,” especially if it is done outside of marriage. Another version states that the word “jancuk” comes from the verb “diencuk”. The word finally changed to “Dancuk” and finally changed to “Jancuk” or “Jancok”.

The word “Jancok” is a taboo word used by the people of Java in general because it has a negative connotation. However, residents of Surabaya and Malang use the word as their community identity so that the word “Jancok” has a change in the meaning of amelioration (a change in meaning in a positive direction).

Source : kaskus


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