Surabaya is a city known as the city of heroes. This city is called the city of heroes because it has a long history associated with heroic values. The term Surabaya comes from the word Suro which means brave and Boyo which means danger. literally means brave to face the dangers that come.

The beginning of the history of the city of Surabaya came from the victory of the troops led by Raden Wijaya against the war invasion by the Mongol Forces led by Kublai Khan on May 31, 1293. So historical was the battle until the date was immortalized as the date of the founding of Surabaya City.

The heroism of the people of Surabaya was most illustrated in the battle on November 10, 1945. Arek-arek Suroboyo, the name for the people of Surabaya, armed with bamboo spikes dared to fight allied forces who had sophisticated weapons. Tens of thousands of residents died defending their homeland. This heroic event was later immortalized as a commemoration of Heroes’ Day. So that makes Surabaya labeled as the City of Heroes.

The history of Surabaya is also related to trading activities. Geographically, Surabaya was created as a trading city and port. Surabaya is the main gateway port of the Majapahit Kingdom. Its location on the north coast of Java Island made it developed into an important port in the Majapahit era in the 14th century.

Continuing in the colonial period, its strategic geographical location made the Dutch colonial government in the 19th century, positioned it as the main port that acted as the collecting center of the last series of activities to collect plantation production at the eastern tip of Java Island, which was in the interior for export. to Europe.

Source : Surabaya


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