The Batak tribe is one of several ethnic groups in Indonesia that still holds the tradition of using the clan or family name in each individual or group. The use of clan or family names in the Batak ethnic group is usually based on male lineage. From several clans or surnames of the Batak tribe, this time will discuss the origin of the clan or surname of Sigalingging. Sigalingging is included in the Pomparan ni Raja Naiambaton or Parna clans, the ancestor (bona pasogit) of King Sigalingging came from Saitnihuta, Pangururan, Samosir.

King Naiambaton had 2 children, namely King Sitempang and King Nabolon. Raja Sitempang (Raja Natanggang) has 1 son, Raja Sitanggang. The king of Sitanggang is often referred to as the King of Pangururan, and the ruler of the land / golat in Pangururan is the descendant of the King of Sitempang. Raja Sitanggang has 3 children, and the youngest child is named Raja Sigalingging ‘the title’ Raja Pangulu Oloan.

King Sigalingging had 3 (three) children and a daughter. The wife of King Sigalingging was Naibaho Sitakkaraen / Sitangkaraen, the daughter of King Sigalingging married to the son of Naibaho Siahaan. The following is the name of King Sigalingging’s son:

1. Guru Mangarissan (Sigorak)

2. Raja Tinatea (Tambolang)

3. Namora Pangujian (Parhaliang)

One of King Sigalingging’s grandchildren was Mpu Bada, the son of Guru Mangarissan who migrated to the land of Sindeas, Dairi, Pakpak, and gave birth to several clans including Tendang, Banurea, Manik, Beringin, Gajah, Berasa and Tambolang descent who migrated to the land of Simalungun, the son of O .Harinuan uses the Garingging clan.

Another descendant of King Sigalingging is Datu Bangun Sigalingging in the Sirisi-risi Dolok Sanggul area (part of which moved to the Pakkat direction). Hopefully this article can be useful for you to understand some of Indonesia’s indigenous cultures. Come on, get other interesting information from

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