Indonesia has a variety of additional foods that come from outside or are acculturated from other nations. One of them is shredded. Shredded is food made from animal meat fiber. Its appearance is usually light brown to blackish due to the use of spices.

Shredded looks like cotton fibers, because it is dominated by dried muscle fibers that are shredded. Because it is dry and has almost no residual moisture content, shredded is usually stored for weeks to months in airtight packaging.

Apart from being made from basic meat ingredients such as beef, mutton, horse meat, pork, and lamb, there are several shredded fish that are made using basic seafood ingredients, such as tuna, catfish, tuna, eel, small crab and shrimp.

Shredded is usually eaten as a side dish on top of rice, dumpling noodles or chicken porridge, or as the contents of lemper and is usually eaten directly like eating or consuming a snack (snack). In Indonesia, the meat commonly used to make shredded meat comes from beef, so people are familiar with beef shredded.

Apart from beef, other ingredients used are chicken, pork, fish, horse and goat. In China, the most common shredded is shredded made from pork called Chousong.

The centers for making shredded beef in Indonesia are currently in Boyolali, Solo / Surakarta, Ngawi, Nganjuk, Salatiga, Magelang and several other surrounding areas (around Central Java and East Java). The production of shredded beef can also be found in the cities of Palembang and Pontianak. Meanwhile, centers for making shredded pork are found in many areas of Bali, North Sulawesi and North Sumatra.

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