West Sumatra Province is one of the places that is famous for its culinary delights. Like other areas in Indonesia that have special dishes in the form of soto, there is also a typical Padang soup. Soto Padang uses deep fried cuts of beef.

Another distinctive feature is the presence of pink cakes and crackers as a complement. Soto Padang has a savory taste that comes from beef broth. In addition, this soup is also served with glass noodles and tomato slices. To add to the deliciousness, you can also add a lime wedge.

The steps you need to do:

1. In a saucepan, boil the beef with a little water until it boils and the dirt comes out foam. Pick up and remove any floating dirt. Turn off the heat then throw away the water from the stew. Drain the meat then wash again until clean. Set aside.

2. In a saucepan, boil 2 liters of new water. Add the meat, leeks, and celery. Cook until the meat is tender. Remove the meat.

3. Heat a little oil.Sauté ground spices and spices until fragrant. and drain. Meanwhile, continue to boil the sauce. Set aside. Turn off the heat.

4. Pour the sauteed spices into the cooking pot. Season with powdered broth and salt. Cook the sauce until it boils then correct the taste. Turn off the fire. Set aside.

5. Take the meat, then cut into small cubes or thinly sliced. Fry the meat in hot oil until dry. Remove and drain. Set aside.

6. Arrange the vermicelli, tomatoes, fried meat, and potato cakes in a serving bowl. Flush with the sauce. Sprinkle with fried onions and add pink crackers.

7. Ready to be served with chili sauce and lime wedge.

Tips for making food tastier:

1. Cut or slice the meat against the fiber to make it more tender. The fried meat will be crispy, brittle, and not difficult to chew.

2. Boil the meat using a quality skillet for the meat to soften faster. Besides being able to be made for steaming, this pan is also able to boil dishes until they cook evenly. The material is thick and environmentally friendly, suitable for all types of stoves.

So, the most delicious food is of course well prepared and presented. Oh yeah, have you tried making this one Indonesian culinary specialty?