Indonesia has a variety of delicious traditional culinary delights. One of the delicious culinary delights is Gulai Masin Ikan. Gulai Masin Ikan is a variant dish of curry with the main ingredient being fish. The fish used can be both seawater and freshwater fish, but the ones commonly used include tuna, mackerel, snapper, and goldfish.

The distinctive feature of this dish is the thick yellow color of the broth that appears due to the use of turmeric. In addition, this dish has a complex taste ranging from savory, slightly sour, slightly salty, slightly sweet, and spicy. This food is more delicious to eat when it’s still hot or warm, this food is eaten with warm rice.

Gulai Masan This fish is a traditional food from the province of West Sumatra. Are you interested in eating Gulai Masin Ikan?


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