Indonesia is a country that has a variety of delicious culinary delights. One of Indonesia’s delicious culinary delights is Raw Dabu-Dabu Grilled Fish. This traditional culinary is very popular on the tongue of Indonesian people. The taste is sour and spicy, makes people fall in love, even from the first time enjoying it. This traditional food is Indonesian food originating from Maluku.

What makes this grilled fish so appetizing is the splash of the dabu-dabu sauce. Actually, “dabu-dabu” itself means chili sauce. So, raw dabu-dabu means raw chili sauce. Dabu-dabu is usually sprinkled over grilled fish. The taste of the fish itself is made very original, without applying a lot of spices. Usually the fish is only seasoned with coarse salt and lime juice.

To make dabu-dabu is not difficult. In general, the ingredients are the same as other ingredients for making chili sauce. The difference is, in dabu-dabu the ingredients are not refined by grinding. All ingredients are only finely sliced and then add lime juice and a little used cooking oil. So, the fresh and crunchy taste of the ingredients will be felt.

The grilled fish that are usually served with dabu-dabu are mackerel, tude, and skipjack fish. But you can also use snapper and others according to your taste. Are you interested in trying to eat this food? Come on, get other interesting information from and comply with health protocols to anticipate the dangers of COVID-19.


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