Indonesia has a variety of very interesting cultural traditions. One of the Indonesian cultural traditions is Sisemba ‘. Sisemba ‘is an Indonesian cultural tradition from the Toraja tribe originating from the island of Sulawesi.

The Sisemba ‘tradition is a leg fighting game that is played by children to adults when celebrating the main harvest. This tradition is carried out in the field or in the open and usually brings together two camps from two neighboring villages. In each of these camps, each participant consists of two people holding each other. After the game started, the two sides moved forward and then kicked the opponent.

In the midst of the participants who were competing, there were several people who acted as referees. They are tasked with reprimanding, interrupting, even stopping the match if someone is injured or cheats. Participants who are separated from their partners may not be attacked (kick) and there may be no revenge after the game ends.

Even though it looked brutal, it was very rare for a participant to be seriously injured. Now, the Sisemba Tradition ‘has become a favorite spectacle for tourists after Tedong Silaga.

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