Indonesia has some traditional foods which taste really good. Some of these traditional foods are lepet. What is lepet? Lepet is a traditional food made from glutinous rice mixed with peanuts and cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in coconut leaves.

Lepet is a traditional Indonesian food originating from the island of Java. This traditional food is a snack food. Lepet is similar to lemper and lontong, although the difference is that the texture is more tough and sticky because it uses sticky rice, and has a more savory taste because it is mixed with coconut milk and nuts.

Lepet is made by steaming the sticky rice until half cooked in coconut milk then mixed with pandan leaves and salt until all the coconut milk is absorbed into the sticky rice.

Then half-cooked sticky coconut milk is mixed again with grated coconut meat and peanuts then wrapped in a coconut leaf (young yellowish coconut leaf) in a cylinder shape and tied with a rope made of coconut leaf fibers.

The rice in the coconut leaves is then steamed again until it is completely cooked. The most common filling is peanuts, but other types of beans such as kidney beans, cowpeas, jackfruit, or corn can also be used.

This snack food has a delicious taste and has a pandan aroma. This traditional snack food is better to eat when it’s still warm. So, are you interested in trying to eat this traditional food? Come on, visit Indonesia.


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