Mystical stories often color people’s lives. In Indonesia, many mystical stories are often heard and even regarded as something that can be trusted. If the western country has a Vampire ghost or something else, then in Sumatra, especially the Batak land area, namely the North Sumatra Province, Indonesia has its own mystical creature. He is Begu Ganjang, who is said to be a ghost who can be sent to work to find wealth. Not a few people in this province believe some strange mystical things in life are caused by disturbances such as ganjang. So, what is Begu Ganjang like?

If translated simply, begu means spirit or ghost. While Gajang is long. According to the story circulating in the community, Begu Ganjang in the past were deliberately kept by the residents. It is said that begu has many types, Sombaon, Solobean, Silan, and Begu Ganjang. Of all these types of ghosts, Begu Ganjang is the most feared. This is due to the public’s belief in a begu ganjang figure who is said to have been nurtured for the intention of killing or harming others.

Begu Ganjang described as a supernatural figure who has a very terrible form. That said, he has a tall and large body. Long hair with a scary face. In fact, according to the legend that is told, begu ganjang can change itself bigger and higher. It is believed that these creatures are often in the treetops of tall trees. From the local people’s stories, people who meet and see Begu Ganjang’s figure will fall ill, and then die.

According to legend, the mythical creature Begu Ganjang was kept by residents. However, they are used to guard farms and plantations from theft. However, many argue that the greedy nature of humans that made this legendary creature began to deviate from its initial duties. If Begu Ganjang was used as a guard, over time he was ordered to kill, just like witchcraft. However, as the owner of begu ganjang you must prepare a human sacrifice as compensation.

Another issue that circulated was that Begu Ganjang came from the spirit of a dead baby. Before seven days, the baby’s organs were stolen by a black shaman who then beat it into Begu Ganjang. Until now, the people’s fear of Begu Ganjang’s figure has been very disturbing. In fact, people in this modern era still often carry out the ritual of expelling spirits by summoning a shaman who is believed to have supernatural powers.

What is even more terrible is the case in 2010, when a resident of Buntu Raja Hamlet, Sitanggor Village, Muara District, North Tapanuli was burned alive after being accused of being the owner of Begu Ganjang. There have been many extreme actions carried out by the community against residents accused of maintaining Begu Ganjang. However, until now no one has been able to prove the existence of these creatures directly. Is there really or just an exaggerated myth.

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