Surfing is a sport that usually takes place on high waves. This sport is done using a plank as a tool for maneuvering in the waves. The board will move using the power of the waves under it and the direction is driven by a surfer. Adrenaline will spur because of the pressure to direct the surfboard while maintaining balance. Similar to a rodeo, but in this sport surfers ride wild waves.

In the early 20th century, surfing became known to Americans and Australians and surfing communities were formed on several beaches in the US. The surfing culture emerged as a result of the rising prominence of the sport which gave birth to this lifestyle and is reflected in various products, music, fashion, magazines to films depicting beach kids who are relaxed. American sociologists of the mid-50s branded it as a culture of laziness. But in the era of the early 19th century this sport began to be favored by young people, on average among European and American youth.

Did you know that the sport of surfing was discovered by accident? Who is the inventor of the sport? Water surfing sport was discovered accidentally by a legendary swimmer from the United States named Duke Kahanamoku.

Kahanamoku is a Hawaiian-born man who was born on August 24, 1890 and died January 22, 1968 at the age of 77 years.His full name is Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku, he is the first person to discover the sport of surfing or surfing.

As a swimming athlete representing the United States, Kahanamoku has won gold medals in the Olympics five times. The name Duke, which became Kahanamoku’s first name, was not a British aristocratic title but more due to the honor of the priest who baptized him to the Duke of Edinburgh who was then ruling in Hawaii.

In 1914 for the first time Kahanamoku introduced the sport of surfing. On his way to Australia, Kahanamoku entered a sport of surfing on the sidelines of a swimming championship. Only on December 24, 1914, Kahanamoku showed a sport of surfing / surfing on the beaches of Sidney. Kahanamoku first made surfboards from pine trees, until now Kahanamoku’s surfboards are still kept at the Freshwater Surf Club, Sidney. Kahanamoku is also known as the person who first popularized surfing in the United States.

Kahanamoku then moved to the United States where he starred in several films. In this way, he was able to connect with people so he could publish surfing. Kahanamoku also joined the Los Angeles Athletic Club, acting as a lifeguard and competing on both the swimming and water polo teams.

On June 14, 1925, Kahanamoku recorded a heroic event by rescuing 8 of the 29 fishermen whose boat capsized in the waters of Newport Beach, California. Using a surfboard, Kahanamoku made a quick trip back and forth to the shoreline to take the fishermen to the waves.

Two other surfers who occupied Kahanamoku were only able to save 4 nelaayan so that only 17 people died in the waves. The Newport police chief described the Kahanamoku rescue attempt by using surfing as the “ super surfboard rescue ” the world has ever seen.

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