Get to know the philosophy and social system of the Batak tribe in Indonesia, Indonesia has various ethnic groups. In one of the regions in Indonesia, there is a tribe that is unique. One of the tribes in Indonesia which has a unique characteristic is the Batak tribe from North Sumatra province.

In each Batak tribe there are several unique greetings from each. Although the Batak tribe is famous for its Horas greetings, there are still two more greetings that are less popular in the community, namely Mejuah juah and Njuah juah. Horas itself still has a mention of each based on the clan who uses it.

1. Pakpak “Juah-juah Mo Banta Karina!”

2. Karo “Champion Kita Krina!”

3. Toba “Horas Jala Gabe Ma Di Hita Saluhutna!”

4. Simalungun “Horas banta Haganupan, Salam Habonaran Do Bona!”

5. Mandailing and Angkola “Horas Tondi Madingin Pir Ma Tondi Matogu, Sayur Matua Bulung!”

so, the Batak tribe is a very friendly tribe and has a strong family. Hopefully this article can be useful to broaden your knowledge. Come on, get other interesting information from


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