Papua has its own uniqueness compared to other regions in Indonesia. The easternmost area in Indonesia is an area that has the largest gold mine in the world, which is mined by the Freeport company. One of the largest mining products in Papua is located around the Jayawijaya Mountains and near the Lorentz National Park area.

But did you know that there are 7 indigenous Papuan tribes who inhabit the area? What were the names of the tribes who inhabited the area before it became a gold mining area?

In the mining area near the Jayawijaya mountains there are 7 indigenous Papuan tribes and the seven tribes are the Moni, Amungme, Kamoro, Dani, Damal, Ekari or Mee and Nduga tribes. The people closest to Freeport are the Amungme tribe, “said Maximus Tipagau, a native Papuan businessman.

Maximus itself is a Moni tribe who lives in Ugimba Village. The location is about 60 km, if a straight line is drawn from the Freeport area. In terms of tourism, each tribe occupies a beautiful area. Especially about culture, it’s interesting to see. The Dani are famous for their war dances, the Amungme tribe has delicious coffee and the Kamoro are famous for their dances.

Even though this area has the largest mining area in the world, the life support facilities for the indigenous Papuan people are very minimal. There are no schools, no hospitals, no airports and no access to asphalt roads.

7 The tribe around the Freeport mine lives by hunting and gardening until now. The men enter the forest to hunt various kinds of animals, while the women plant gardens, growing sweet potatoes, cabbage to spinach.

Interestingly, the Freeport area from ancient times has been a place for these tribes to hunt. Despite being at an altitude above 2,000 meters above sea level, the tribes are still struggling to find game to eat.

“In fact, the Grasberg mine (one of the Freeport mine sites) was a hunting ground for the Moni and Amungme tribes. They hunted forest kangaroos, dingisos, porcupines, domea and several other types of animals,” said Maximus. So, are you interested in spending a pleasant holiday in Indonesia, especially the Papua region? Come on, get interesting information and add insight from

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