Indonesia has several interesting areas to visit. One of the interesting areas in Indonesia to visit is Serui. Serui is a city of a district in the Yapen archipelago, Papua Province. If you look at the City Map, it is located on an island called Yapen Island. It’s not that famous if people say serui city. People are more familiar with cities in Papua such as Jayapura, Biak, Manokwari or others. It is located on the beach and surrounded by hills, and if you walk from the end of the city to the end of the road it is not more than 3 kilometers long.

To reach this city, there are two types of transportation, namely by air and by sea. By air, Serui has a small airport that can only accommodate small planes like the Twin Otter with the aim of Kota Biak airport. And for sea transportation to Serui can be reached from the city of Surabaya using a ship owned by PT Pelni which takes 1 week.

Serui has natural beauty that is very beautiful and natural. These beautiful natural potentials have not been developed into tourist objects. The sea is still clean, the unspoiled forest makes its own charm. Likewise with the many native animals that are not all found elsewhere.

The Serui people have some very delicious traditional foods. One of the delicious foods from Serui is papeda. Papeda is food in the form of Maluku and Papuan sago porridge which is usually served with tuna or mubara flavored with turmeric. Papeda is white and has a sticky texture resembling glue with a bland taste. Papeda is a food that is rich in fiber, low in cholesterol and quite nutritious.

One of the characteristics of Serui Papua is that the Papuan Keris flower is one of the most sought after flower steps. Available information says this flower can increase stamina and endurance. Whether this information is true or not is not yet certain. Because there is still special research to be able to prove it.

Papuan taro flower, whose leaves resemble a keris, every day between 19.30 WIT to 23.00 WIT emits sounds and drops of clear water. Papuan keris flowers, which have recently been increasingly in demand by many residents of Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province, are not only used as flower collections but also traded by indigenous Papuans.

The sale of Papuan keris flowers can be found in several locations in Biak, such as the Hadi supermarket area, on the side of the road to the port, as well as a number of other strategic places. “The typical Papuan keris flower does not grow anywhere, only grows in certain forests in Papua. Even to get this flower is very difficult. Are you interested in visiting the city of Seriu which is located in the province of Papua? Come on, visit Indonesia and get other interesting information from


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