Indonesia has a variety of delicious snacks. One of the delicious snacks from Indonesia is peanut butter or peyek. This food is usually a complement to a dish. For example, when eating pecel, you will usually be given a peanut shell on it. Peyek or peyek is fried flour mixed with water to form a thick dough which is then added with seasonings. Do you know the history of the origin of peanut brittle or peyek?

Peyek or peanut brittle is a typical Indonesian food originating from Central Java, Yogyakarta and surrounding areas since ancient times. According to the historical literature of Islamic Mataram written by De Graaf, in the 16th century the project was already in Yogyakarta. Peyek is a food that is often served with rice and vegetable pecel. Therefore, the existence of peyek has been around for a long time and has become a specialty of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This food adds to the taste of food to be better because it tastes delicious and crunchy. Peyek or peanut brittle are usually sold at food stalls, markets, or in supermarkets.

In rural areas, we can usually find peyek at weddings or laying ceremonies. Usually the dough is made from melted flour mixed with salt and garlic. The more famous filling is peanut, but many also create it with soybeans, anchovies, spinach, and ebi, small shrimp, or others.

Today rempeyek or what is called peyek is a complementary alternative food or snack besides crackers or emping. The crunchiness of the peyek makes many people addicted and doesn’t stop at the first bite. Are you interested in trying to eat Rempeyek or peyek? Come on, get other interesting information from and obey government regulations in preventing the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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