Indonesia has a variety of traditional cultures. One of the various Indonesian cultures is Ludruk. Ludruk is a traditional drama art from East Java. Ludruk is a traditional drama performed by an art group that is performed on a stage by taking stories about people’s daily lives, stories of struggle, and so on, interspersed with jokes and accompanied by gamelan as music.

Dialogue / monologue in ludruk is entertaining and makes the audience laugh, using the typical Surabaya language, although sometimes there are guest stars from other regions such as Jombang, Malang, Madura, Madiun with different accents. The straightforward language used in ludruk makes it easy for everyone to understand.

An ordinary ludruk performance begins with the Remo Dance and is interspersed with the performance of a character who plays “Pak Sakera”, a Madurese hero.

Kartolo is a legendary ludruk comedian from Surabaya, East Java. He has been living in the world of ludruk art for more than 40 years. Kartolo’s name and distinctive voice, with an innocent and intelligent joke, are known throughout East Java, even Central Java.

Ludruk is a traditional theater art from East Java. Ludruk is very different from ketoprak from Central Java and Yogyakarta, lenong from DKI Jakarta, and longser from West Java. These 4 arts always take ancient stories (history and fairy tales) and convey a certain message. Meanwhile ludruk tells stories of everyday life among the little people, is very entertaining, so it makes the audience laugh out loud.

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