In Indonesia, we often hear various types of supernatural beings. In fact, every region throughout the archipelago, there is a ghost with a distinctive stature and name. Magical creatures that are popular in Indonesia include Pocong, Kuntilanak, Tuyul, and others.

Genderuwo is a supernatural being that is popular in Indonesia, especially in Java. His form that resembles a giant with a creepy face makes him often feared by the public. According to rumors, this figure often annoys women because of his attraction to women.

This creature has the characteristics of a large form, has red fangs and eyes. This figure is described as a ghost with the male gender. Genderuwo also produces the smell of blood and rotting flesh that indicates its existence.

The myth about Genderuwo which likes to disturb women seems to be confirmed by a spiritual expert, Mbah Mijan. In his explanation that besides humans and animals, jinn also have lust. This is what may lead to the Genderuwo nature that often disturbs women and even has sex.

Apart from indulging his lust, Genderuwo intercourse with women because it is to increase the level of his supernatural powers. The woman who is often fucked by this figure is a woman who likes to sleep without clothes on. Hence, we are forbidden to sleep naked and are encouraged to read prayers before sleeping.

That is the explanation regarding the figure of Genderuwo. May you be kept away from all kinds of disturbance by supernatural beings.

Source : kumparan


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