Batam is one of the islands in the Riau Islands cluster. Batam is an island among 329 islands located between the Straits of Malacca and Singapore which as a whole make up the Batam region. Due to the scarcity of written records from this island, there is only one literature that mentions the name Batam, namely the London Treaty which regulates the division of territories between the Netherlands and England. However, according to Chinese travelers, this island has been inhabited since 231 AD when Singapore was still called Pulau Ujung.

In recent years the implementation of the Free Trade Zone Batam (FTZ Batam), Bintan, and Karimun which refers to Law No. 36 concerning Free Trade Zones and Free Ports and has been amended several times through PERPU, so that it is promulgated as Law No. 44 of 2007 There is also Law 36 of 2000 concerning “Stipulation of Government Regulations in Lieu of Law No. 1 of 2000 concerning Free Trade Zones and Free Ports into Laws and many other laws relating to Batam FTZ. Then at the end of the term of office of members The 2009 Central DPR, together with the central government discussed the Special Economic Zones (KEK) Law which will overshadow the formation of Special Economic Zones in the Batam area and other areas in Indonesia.

Many progresses have been made so far, such as the availability of various business fields that can accommodate the workforce from almost all regions in the country. Likewise, the number of regional and central revenues continues to increase from time to time. This is none other than the increasing number of industrial, trade, ship transfer and tourism activities. However, as a rapidly developing area, Batam is also not free from problems. For this reason, improvements are made to the development of Batam Island in order to complement existing deficiencies.

So, are you interested in investing and building your business in Batam?

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