Indonesia is a country that has a unique traditional food. One of the unique foods in East Java comes from Tuban Regency. Its name is Ampo, a traditional snack whose main raw material is clay. The land used to make Ampo is also not just any soil, but it must be soil that has a soft texture and is free of sand, gravel, and stones.

Apart from Tuban, East Java, Ampo is also known in Central Java and Cirebon, West Java. The difference between Ampo Tuban and Ampo Cirebon lies in its shape. In Tuban, Ampo has the form of a long and slender roll. Meanwhile in Cirebon the rolls tend to be shorter and larger in size.
The people of East Java and Central Java believe that Ampo can strengthen the digestive system and cool the stomach. This turned out to be a function of the land.

For the record, the clay in question is clay that is clean or not contaminated, for example by animal feces. Soil contaminated with animal feces can contain parasite eggs such as roundworms. Therefore, the selection of land to make Ampo must be done carefully. Are you interested in trying to eat this unique food? Come on, get other interesting information from


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