Indonesia has a variety of delicious food. One of them is named Garang Asem. Garang Asem is a traditional Indonesian food originating from Kudus, Central Java Province.

Garang Asem has tamarind sauce combined with fresh tomato spices and spicy cayenne pepper resulting in an appetizing menu of Garang Asem. This culinary is the breakfast menu in Kudus. The savory taste of chicken combined with the sour, spicy, and fresh sauce typical of the Garang Asem menu is suitable as food for breakfast.

These traditional culinary delights are often found in food stalls or restaurants in Kudus. Served in a fresh banana leaf wrap, this food has a unique blend of spicy, sour and savory mix of various spices.

Garang Asem is sold at prices ranging from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 30,000 per portion depending on where it is sold. So, are you interested in eating Garang Asem? Come on, love delicious culinary delights from Indonesia and get interesting information from


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