Indonesia is known as an archipelago consisting of various ethnic groups in it. From Sabang to Merauke, we can find a lot of diversity, both from the local language, customs, religion and many others.

Likewise with cuisine, each region has its own characteristics. In accordance with the title of this article, we will discuss some of Indonesia’s famous culinary treasures and the fact is made from pork. Anything ?.

1. BPK (Karo Roasted Pork/ Babi Panggang Karo)

As the name implies, BPK is a special dish of the Karo tribe. This dish is made by mixing the meat with the spices and then grilling it until cooked, after which the meat is cut into small pieces for serving. Usually this dish is accompanied by spicy gota / blood sauce so that it increases the taste of people who eat it

2. Saksang

Another typical dish of pork from North Sumatra is saksang gan, this typical Batak cuisine is usually always present to accompany Christian Batak events. in the flesh

This dish is not suitable to eat if it is not accompanied by cassava vegetables

3. Babi Rica-Rica Manado

Manado people are known for their spicy food, this dish is no exception, bro. Cayenne pepper is the main spice in this dish which is mixed with spices, making the tongue sway because it is delicious and spicy as one on the tongue.

4. Pa’Piong Bai

This one dish comes from the Toraja tribe. Unlike the usual dishes, this dish is cooked using bamboo. So the meat that has been mixed with spices and mayana leaves is made into one in the bamboo that has been cut along the segment, then the bamboo is burned until the dish is cooked and ready to be served.

5. Balinese Babi Guling

This Balinese cuisine is made from pork chicks that are seasoned into the stomach that has been cleaned, then the meat is grilled while rotating it so that the meat is cooked evenly, the cooked meat can be seen from the color of the meat that has turned brown.

6. Burn the Stone (Bakar Batu)

Bakar Batu or also called Gapiia (Paniai), Kit Oba Isogoa (Wamena), or Barapen (Biak)  is a traditional food typical of Papua, especially tribes in the mountains such as the Baliem Valley, Paniai, Nabire, Central Mountains, Star Mountains, Jayawijaya, Dekai, Yahukimo etc.

It was given the name because it was a way of cooking it from a stone that was burned until it was burning hot, then the stone was piled on top of the meat to be cooked. Apart from pork, sweet potatoes and vegetables are also cooked. Burning stones is usually served on traditional occasions, and for now it is usually used to welcome important guests.

Thus this article we created for readers who want to know what authentic Indonesian food comes from processed pork.