Indonesia has a variety of distinctive traditional products. One of the traditional handicraft products from Indonesia is Batik. What is Batik?

Batik is a traditional Indonesian product originating from Javanese ethnicity. The origin of the naming “Batik” comes from the Javanese word “amba” and “point”, which means writing dots.

In essence, Batik is the art of decorating cloth using wax and dyes. Yogyakarta has a distinctive Batik pattern which is usually made on a bright white background.

Some of them are Parang Kusumo, Kawung, and Truntum motifs. Each motif is made with a special philosophy that lies in every stroke.

There are several types of Batik seen from the manufacturing technique, namely Batik Tulis, Batik Cap, Batik Print, and the combined results of the three techniques. The most expensive batik is Batik Tulis, which is 100% made with human hand skills.

The price of Written Batik will be more expensive if it is made from silk cloth. Making Batik Tulis with brilliant quality can take from a full day to process to months of production, depending on the size and the difficulty of the design.

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