Siomay is one of the foods that is easy to find. This food is synonymous with peanut sauce and savory taste of mackerel fish. Even though it is so famous in Indonesia, dumplings are not actually Indonesian specialties. Siomay is thought to have originated from Inner Mongolia.

In Mandarin, siomay is called shaomai, in Cantonese it is called siu maai, while in the Beijing dialect, it is called shaomai. Siomay is very well known in food recipes in China.

There, dumplings are made from minced meat, some are made from shrimp and crab, then wrapped in dumpling skin. The shape is similar to the dumplings that we usually encounter in Indonesia, it’s just that there, dumplings served with vinegar or soy sauce.

Siomay in Indonesia

In Indonesia, dumplings are generally made from mackerel fish. This fish is considered to be the most suitable and delicious ingredient to make dumplings. Apart from mackerel, dumplings are also made from chicken, shrimp and crab. The distinctive feature of serving dumplings in Indonesia is the peanut sauce.

Siomai, delicious food from China

Siomay seasoning made from processed peanuts. This spice is made from peanuts, shallots, garlic, sugar, tamarind, salt and vinegar which are mashed together and then mixed with water. Siomay is usually eaten with a mixture of food ingredients, such as potatoes, cabbage, boiled chicken eggs, and tofu.

The peanut sauce is then poured over the ingredients, then added with soy sauce and lime juice. So, even though this food comes from can, it is well known in Indonesia. Besides being easy and cheap to find as market snacks, of course it will make you full