Es Palu Butung is a typical Makassar dish that also uses bananas as its base. Unlike the banana wrapped in green dough on Es Pisang Ijo, the banana in the Es Palu Butung dish is actually cut into pieces like in compote dishes.

Basically, Es Palu Butung is a very simple dish. Apart from bananas, this ice uses a kind of white pulp made from rice flour and coconut milk so it tastes delicious. The addition of shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk on top makes it even more delicious.

In Makassar and its surroundings, Es Palu Butung is very easy to find, especially during the month of Ramadan. This iced dish is one of the favorite iftar menus of Makassar residents, because besides being refreshing it is also filling.

Es Palu Butung is usually also provided at stalls selling Coto Makassar. The price is around IDR 5,000. So, have you ever tried to enjoy this food? Come visit the Makassar area to enjoy this delicious culinary.