Cirebon is a city that has a history in its development. Cirebon has a Keraton called Keraton Sultanate of Cirebon. In addition, the city of Cirebon has several culinary delights that taste delicious when eaten. One of these culinary delights is called Empal Gentong. What is Empal Gentong?
Empal Gentong is a traditional food similar to gulai (gule) and cooked using firewood (mango tree) in a clay pot. The meat used is intestines, tripe and beef.
In addition to using firewood and barrels, this food is served using chives or in Latin it is called Allium tuberosum and sambal is in the form of ground dry chilies. Empal gentong can be served with rice or rice cake.

Lontong according to the Cirebon people is rice which is put into a banana leaf that has been shaped into a cylinder, there is no other mixture, then it is boiled until cooked.

So, are you interested in trying to eat one of the traditional culinary delights from Indonesia on this one? Come on, visit Indonesia.


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