Every region in Indonesia must have its own characteristics. Even though Indonesia has the largest city like Jakarta, of course it has its own special food. One of the specialties of Jakarta is its culinary delicacy called kerak telor (Egg crust).

Egg crust is native to the Jakarta area, especially for the Betawi people, with ingredients consisting of white glutinous rice, chicken or duck eggs, dry roasted dried shrimp plus fried shallots, then topped with mashed spices in the form of roasted coconut, red chilies, kencur, ginger, pepper granules, salt and sugar.

Egg crust can be found on weekdays. You can find egg crust around Kota Tua, West Jakarta. Historically, the Egg Crust has existed since the Dutch colonial era. This food was served at large parties and celebrations of the rulers of that era.

This food is a traditional snack food and is also suitable as a side dish. The taste, of course, is very delicious and tasty. This food is very suitable to be eaten in warm conditions. So, are you interested in trying to eat these traditional specialties? Come on, visit Indonesia.


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