The arrowroot area has several culinary delights that can be used as souvenirs. One of the souvenirs from Garut Regency is Dodol Garut. Garut Regency is well-known as a Regency that produces high quality Dodol and various types of Dodol are produced.

Garut dodol is widely known for its distinctive taste and flexibility that is different from similar products from other regions. This industry has been developing since 1926, by a businessman named Mrs. Karsinah with a very simple manufacturing process and continues to grow today.

Dodol Garut is a traditional food in the form of snacks that taste sweet. Besides that, Dodol Garut also has several advantages so you will love to try this one snack. What are the advantages?

Some of the advantages of Garut Dodol include:

  1. Has a different taste and is able to compete with other types of dodol from other regions,
  2. The price is affordable and is a food that is very popular with the community,
  3. The manufacturing process is very simple and the raw materials are easy to obtain,
  4. Does not use preservatives and synthetic food additives,
  5. Has a long enough endurance up to 3 months.

This traditional food is easily developed by modifying its main raw material, namely by utilizing other ingredients of pumpkin fruit, potatoes, peanuts, papaya, pineapple, soursop and others.

So, are you interested in trying to enjoy this traditional snack food?


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