Indonesian language originated from the Malay language. The use of Malay is very easy to use as the brotherly language of everyone in the archipelago. Do you know where Indonesian was born? Indonesian was born on Penyengat Island. This small island is only 2 kilometers from Tanjungpinang City, the capital of the Riau Islands Province. Penyengat Island is really small, its area is about 2,000 x 850 meters.

According to Raja Farul, a member of Penyengat Island Tourism Awareness Group, this small island is not even visible on the map. But what is special is that this island is the birthplace of the Indonesian language.

Previously, this small island was the center of defense for the Kingdom of Riau, Johor, Pahang and Lingga. “Then this island becomes the center of government led by young masters and great masters, then this island becomes a place for literary writing,” said Raja Farul in the Travel Virtual Heritage 2020 press conference, Friday (9/10/2020).

The virtual tour takes participants on a trip to the 19th century to trace the time of writing and literature on the island. The tour begins by visiting the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque and seeing the role of the royal government at that time. All of this is for the sake of increasing people’s intelligence as well as adding insight into our history.

The mosque recorded various histories. One of them is to provide access to the public to get knowledge. Including in the fields of health to astronomy.

Apart from being a center for religious studies, Penyengat island is a center for Islamic Malay studies and starting this there is an influential figure named Raja Ali Haji. It was he who created the “Twelve Gurindam”.

In addition, Raja Ali Haji is also considered to be the founder of the grammar of the Malay language which later became the Indonesian language. Raja Ali Haji is also known as the figure behind the birth of the Malay grammar book.

At that time, a group of scholars was born who gave birth to various works, especially books. After that, other works appeared on the small island. Scholars also share their knowledge with the public.

Thanks to its important role, Penyengat Island was named a National Cultural Heritage Area in 2018 by the Minister of Education and Culture. Ministerial Decree No. 112 / M / 2018 decides that the Penyengat Island Cultural Conservation Area becomes a National Rank Cultural Conservation Area, with a land area of ​​91.15 hectares and has 46 Cultural Heritage relics.

That is the story of Penyengat Island, a small island in the corner of Indonesia which is the birthplace of the Indonesian language. Come on, get interesting information and add insight from

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