Spending time on vacation in Indonesia, especially in the city of Bukittinggi, is of course very interesting. This area, which is located in the province of West Sumatra, has a variety of delicious culinary delights that are suitable as dinner menus.

Delicious culinary in Bukittinggi that can make a dinner menu, there are satay, meatball, curry, porridge, and many more. From the experiences of the Indonesian team members while on vacation in the city of Bukittinggi, there are some delicious foods that of course you will love to eat them. These foods are:

1. Sate Mak Aciak

Dinner using satay dishes is the right choice. You can buy an appetizing Mak Aciak satay. In one skewer, the meat is thick and tender. What’s more, this Mak Aciak satay is doused with a distinctive thick and spicy chili sauce.

2. Itiak Lado Mudo

If you are trying to eat duck meat, you should try eating itiak lado mudo. This Bukittinggi culinary specialty is duck meat cooked with green chili sauce. The duck meat wrapped in spicy green chili sauce certainly makes a traveler sweating and addicted.

3. Karupuak Kuah

If you want to have dinner with a menu of noodles, there’s no harm in trying the karupuak kuah. The cooked noodles will be placed on top of the karupuak or wide round crackers. This typical Bukittinggi cuisine is so delicious when you add the spicy chili on top.

4. Chicken Pop

This pop chicken is one of the typical culinary delights of Bukittinggi which is a favorite of many people. The savory taste of the chicken broth makes it even more delicious. Pop chicken can be found in several food stalls in Bukittinggi or ordered online.

5. Banana Kapik

If you want to try a snack that is suitable for the dinner menu, there are kapik bananas that are an option.

As the name suggests, banana kapik is made from the main ingredient of bananas which are pinched until flat and then baked.

Kapik bananas are best eaten with a spread of palm sugar on top.

6. Champion Porridge

You can eat championship porridge if you want to eat it at night. This Kampiun porridge consists of several porridge, there are marrow, green beans, candil, sticky rice, and many more. Of course, the presentation is added with brown sugar and coconut milk to make it more appetizing.

7. Gulai Jariang

Do you like eating jengkol? oh yes, this one typical Bukittinggi culinary uses jengkol. This Jariang curry is cooked with sauce and a delicious mixture of thick coconut milk. You can combine the Jariang curry with warm rice and crackers.

8. Ampiang Dadiah

Furthermore, there is Ampiang Dadiah, which can be an option as a dinner menu. This ampiang dadiah is made from a mixture of sticky rice, buffalo milk, and brown sugar caramel. Some people think that the taste of ampiang dadiah is not much different from yogurt.

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