Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim majority country. In Indonesia, there are several indigenous tribes who are not Muslim. One of the tribes that are not Muslim is the Batak tribe. The Batak tribe has several traditional foods that are not halal. Even though they have food that is not halal, the Batak tribe has traditional halal food. Why is there a traditional Batak food that is halal? Because there are some people who are Batak who adhere to Islam. What are the traditional foods of the Batk tribe that are halal? Here are some traditional halal Batak foods:

Lontong Medan

Lontong medan is one of the breakfast menus in Indonesia’s third largest city. The menu consists of lontong, anchovies, tauco, noodles, and peanut sauce drizzled with spicy and savory coconut milk. Besides being equipped with crackers, this dish is usually added with a side dish of egg balado or cakes.

Gomak noodles

The typical “spaghetti” of the Batak tribe consists of thick and large textured noodles that are stirred directly by hand (gomak), and cooked using a traditional stove. Processes from gomak noodles can be made according to taste, such as boiled or fried. If boiled, the noodles are mixed with broth. lontong, while fried gomak noodles are served with chili sauce or peanut sauce.

Soto Medan

Not only Bogor and Jakarta offer special soup, but also Medan. Uniquely, Soto Medan uses caraway spices for the coconut milk sauce to create a thick, slightly greenish yellow sauce. Soto filling is not much different from soup in general, such as boiled eggs, shredded chicken, sliced ​​tomatoes, bean sprouts, vermicelli, and so on. However, some places to eat serve soup with shrimp or beef.

Rujak Kolam

Named rujak Kolam because this food pioneer was selling around the Deli Pond, Medan. What makes this salad unique is the concoction of rujak spices made from ground beans that are not so finely ground that the texture and taste of the beans can still be felt when bitten. The mixture of pulverized beans with palm sugar, terasi medan, and tamarind. The rest, rujak is overflowing with various fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, kedondong, guava, papaya, cucumber, mango, and others.

Vermicelli Curry

Another Medan typical halal food that is suitable to accompany your lunch is rice vermicelli curry. Not only a combination of curry and vermicelli, but there are also beef (or chicken), slices of gravel, and potatoes that are very exciting, especially for those of you who are really hungry.

Ox meatballs

As the name implies, this meatball is not made from cow as usual, but from beef. The meat is processed with flour and other spices and served with broth. You can enjoy the unique taste of the strong meat and the savory sauce.

Egg Milk Tea

Apart from food, there is also a unique drink that is healthy and delicious as a typical Medan culinary treat, namely Egg Milk Tea. Brewed from black tea mixed with egg yolk and delicious sweetened condensed milk. Even though there are eggs, the drink doesn’t taste fishy, ​​especially if you enjoy it hot.

Medan Durian compote

One more typical Medan dessert that you must try, the Medan Durian compote. The menu generally consists of durian fruit with steamed white sticky rice, kepok banana, boiled sweet corn all of which are doused in palm sugar.

Well, that’s the traditional Batak food that is delicious and halal. Come on, get interesting information from and visit Indonesia.


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