Ponorogo is located in the province of East Java. This area has a famous art called Reog Ponorogo. Apart from Reog Ponorogo, it turns out that the Ponorogo area has some wealth in the culinary field. One of these culinary delights is Dawet Jabung.

Dawet Jabung is almost the same as es dawet in general, but the taste and presentation are slightly different. Besides having a sweet taste, this drink is refreshing so it is suitable to be enjoyed during the hot air during the day. Dawet Jabung is a part of the typical culinary from Ponorogo which is quite famous.

This drink is called Dawet Jabung because it comes from Jabung Village, which is a village in Mlarak District, Ponorogo Regency. In addition, Jabung Village is well-known as a sales center for Dawet Jabung, because of the many Dawet Jabung ice sellers there.

Dawet Jabung has differences with other dawet. The difference lies in the combination of sweet and savory flavors in the sauce. It is different from dawet in other areas, which mostly only use coconut milk as a savory flavor. Besides using coconut milk, Dawet Jabung also adds a little salt. This drink does not use food coloring in the cendol, so the white color is very dominant in Dawet Jabung’s appearance.

The cendol used in Dawet Jabung is made from palm flour which is then processed into cendol in general. This cendol is served with a sauce consisting of young coconut milk, brown sugar sauce and added salt. To enrich the taste of Dawet Jabung, it is added like jackfruit slices and sticky sticky tape. Then don’t forget to also add ice cubes as a refresher.

This Dawet Jabung has a mix of sweet and slightly salty taste in the sauce. This traditional drink is perfect served chilled and enjoyed on hot afternoons.

We can easily find Dawet Jabung in Ponorogo, East Java. One of the sales centers for Dawet Jabung is in Jabung Village, Mlarak District, Ponorogo. Along the road there are many Dawet Jabung ice stalls. Dawet Jabung enthusiasts are not only from the local community, there are also many tourists who take the time to enjoy this traditional drink.

It’s good when those of you who visit Ponorogo should try to enjoy this one drink. Hopefully this article that we submit can add to your reference to enjoy some culinary from Indonesia.


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