Purworejo is an area that belongs to the province of Central Java. This area has several riches in the culinary field. One of the riches in the culinary field that exists in this area is Dawet Ireng. What is Dawet Ireng?

Dawet Ireng is a Purworejo specialty drink which has a black color. Dawet Ireng comes from the area of ​​Need, Purworejo, Central Java. In accordance with the color, it is called Dawet Ireng, which in Javanese means “Black Dawet”. This dawet is black because it uses ash water as its dye. The ash water is the result of burning straw, then the ashes are taken and mixed with water so that the water is black. Ash water became a natural dye for Dawet Ireng.

In the process of making Dawet Ireng, it is almost the same as other dawet, namely using sago flour. To serve it, dawet is served in a bowl or glass, then drizzled with coconut milk and palm sugar water or Javanese sugar. In the presentation, the amount of dawet is greater than the broth, so it is very filling. In addition, coconut milk is usually squeezed directly so it is different from other dawet ice.

The Dawet Ireng taste is very sweet and refreshing. This drink is perfect for drinking in hot weather and adding ice cubes will add to the freshness of this Dawet Ireng. This traditional drink is sold in various regions on the island of Java even though it originates from Purworejo.

It won’t feel complete if you go to Purworejo and don’t enjoy this traditional drink. Hopefully our article can be useful and add to your reference in trying the wealth of Indonesian culinary.


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