Indonesia has a very interesting and motivating variety of local cherries in life. One of the local wisdoms in Indonesia is the philosophy of Dalihan Na Tolu. Dalihan Na Tolu is a philosophy of Indonesian local wisdom that originates from the Batak tribe.

In the Batak tribe, Dalihan Na Tolu is local wisdom which has various elements that influence a person’s life. The elements that influence a person’s life in Batak culture are called 3H.

So, what is 3 H? The following summarizes some of the elements that have influenced life in the Batak tribe:

1. Hamoraon

The definition of Hamoraon in the Batak tribe is to have material wealth and abundance. Hamoraon comes from the word mora which means rich. Literally hamoraon means wealth.

Anything that the Batak people do in accordance with the principle is to get or gain wealth in their life. To get Hamoraon is not necessarily having a high school, even farmers in the Batak tribe are required to achieve Hamoraon or wealth, which means whatever you are do it now make it a way or a gap to reach wealth in your life. Wealth is not only material wealth but other wealth such as having knowledge or skills so that they are ready to build a better future.

2. Hasangapon

The meaning of Hasangapon in the Batak tribe is to achieve honor, glory, respect and have a high social status in the community. The Hasangapon comes from the word sangap, which means honorable, noble. Literally, Hasangapaon means glory.

Hasangapon in the Batak Tribe really needs whatever you do as a Batak Tribe, build your own personality to have a leadership spirit, charismatic and worthy of an example by everyone around you, if this has been achieved or achieved then you will be respected and of course, will be respected and have a high social status in the community.


The meaning of Hagabeon in the Batak tribe is to have descendants. Hagabeon comes from the word gabe, which means to have many offspring (to have boys and girls). Literally, hagabeon means many descendants.

Many descendants are part of influencing the perfection of a person’s life in the Batak tribe. This is usually conveyed in the following proverbs: “Bintang na rumiris, ombun na sumorop” Anak pe riris, boru pe antong torop.” It means, the stars are scattered, the clotted dew covers the field, boys line up in line, girls are crowded.

Laklak ni singkoru na gantung di ginjang ni pintu, maranak sampulu tolu, marboru sampulu pitu”This means: the skin of the saga-sagas is hung above the door, boys are thirteen, girls are seventeen.

The meaning of these two Batak tribal proverbs is that having many descendants is a blessing and wealth where this descendant is the successor to the parents so that the name of the parent is always there and is not lost in time and time even though the parent is gone.

That is why the Batak tribe is synonymous with the term hardworking, dynamic, resilient in fighting because it is based on being able to catch up and achieve from the three things above. Batak tribe parents also always instill this philosophy in their children that 3H is something that must be achieved in This life.

It can be said that these three things are the root of the Toba Batak culture. The basis of the three is actually Love (Holong) for the Creator of Heaven and Earth which ultimately strengthens love for fellow humans.

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