Once upon a time. in Pulau Mintin, including the Kahayan Hilir district there is a kingdom led by a wise and prudent king. The King ruled justly and wisely until the government achieved success. its people live in prosperity. One day the empress died. The Empress is the woman most loved by the King. The departure of the Empress shook the king. His heart is sad not a headache. In order to comfort his depressed heart, the King intends to sail.

But the wheel of government must still run smoothly. So for a while the government task was handed over to his two twin sons, namely the Dragon and the Crocodile. The king explained everything related to the duties of a leader. The two young men listened intently, accepting the responsibility. After feeling enough to give a speech then the king sailed, his two young sons occupied the throne of the kingdom.

But what happened. As soon as the king was not in place, the Dragon did as he pleased. he loves to splurge, squandering wealth. While the Crocodile is known as a generous, frugal, and helpful figure. The Crocodile tried to advise his brother. But instead of receiving good advice, the Dragon instead invited a debate. Not just a war of words. The dispute broke out involving the men, causing many casualties.

During his voyage, the King suddenly felt restless, as if something was wrong. So, he ordered the ship’s captain to turn towards the palace. Arriving there, he was surprised to see his two sons involved in a fierce battle. he is really angry. Loudly he said to the Dragon and the Crocodile.

It is outrageous! You have ruined the peace of this country. Many royal soldiers were killed. I hope you are busy yourself. The people are not managed. Kalia should be punished! Crocodile, be a crocodile and live in water. You are allowed to stay here because of your little mistake. I command you to take care of Mintin Island. As for you, the Dragon, be a dragon. You are the cause of all this chaos and go to Kapuas. You are in charge of protecting the Kapuas river so that the Bantilung Mushrooms will not grow. ”

The King’s curse was fatal. The sky suddenly became dark, lightning and lightning were constantly thundering. A moment later the Crocodile transformed into a crocodile and settled on the island of Mintin while the Dragon turned into a dragon snake and lived in the Kapuas River.


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