Apart from Dawet Ireng, Purworejo has several traditional foods. One of the traditional foods is called Clorot. For those of you who haven’t heard and tried Clorot, definitely ask “what is Clorot?”.

Clorot is a market snack made from steamed rice flour dough and brown sugar. This food is not only favored by the Purworejo people, but also tourists who visit there to be used as souvenirs or enjoyed there.

Clorot has a sweet taste and chewy texture. In the process of making Clorot, the raw materials for making it consist of brown sugar, salt, pandan, mixed with coconut milk, then cooked while stirring evenly. After that, pour the coconut milk mixture into a container filled with rice flour, then stir until blended. Then pour the mixture into the wrapper made of coconut leaves or coconut leaves that have been in a cone shape. Then steamed until cooked.

The packaging for wrapping Clorot is very unique. This Clorot wrap is made of young coconut leaves that are made in a cone, circular and elongated. So that the center can be filled with dough. In making Clorot wrappers, coconut leaves are twisted at the ends to form a cone. At the bottom it must be tight so it doesn’t leak when pouring the dough. At the top it is pinned so that it does not come off and crumble in shape.

This Clorot is best served warm. For those of you who have never enjoyed it, maybe you will be confused about how to eat it because of the unique packaging earlier. To eat it you have to press the bottom of the cone with your fingers. After the contents come out, it is certainly easier to eat.

This clorot is usually served by the Purworejo community for events such as weddings, births, circumcisions and others. In addition, Clorot is widely sold in traditional markets, one of which is in the Grabag sub-district, Purworejo.

For those of you who are going to Purworejo, of course, it will be complete if you enjoy this snack. Hopefully this article from us can add to your reference about culinary from Indonesia.