The Cinde area is one of the cultural heritage areas that holds the important history of Palembang City. Cinde itself comes from the word temple, because in the area there used to be many broken ceramic plates from the Ching and Ming dynasties. In addition, ancient bricks were also found on top of the zuriat burial complex of the Palembang Sultanate which is behind the Cinde Market.

Previously, Pasar Cinde was a landmark of Palembang City which was built in 1958. However, over time, the Pasar Cinde area will now be renovated due to the physical age of the building which has reached 59 years. Here are some facts about the Cinde Palembang area.

1. Having a twin in the city of Semarang

Cinde Market, which was built in 1958, is the work of architect Herman Thomas Karsten. This market has a twin, namely Pasar Johar in Semarang, which is also the work of the same architect.

2. There is a Palembang Sultanate Zuriat Cemetery

Cinde Market is surrounded by historical sites of Palembang City, namely the burial complex of Palembang’s first sultan, Sultan Abd ar-Rahman, who was in power since 1662-1702. This is reinforced by the discovery of brick ruins and ancient ceramic fragments during the Ching and Ming service era.

3. Used Vehicle Parts Sales Center

Apart from the funeral complex which is behind the market, there is also a center for the sale of auto parts from various brands. haya course, the goods sold in this place are mostly used goods. Therefore, this area is often a solution for vehicle owners who want to find spare parts that are hard to find.

4. A Gathering Place for Agate Fans

Agate fever that occurred some time ago has made this area the center of selling a number of types of agate originating from a number of regions in South Sumatra. Agate traders here use the courtyard of a closed cinema building as a place to hold their wares.

5. One of the 5 Days 5 Nights Battle Locations

The Cinde area is part of the history of the 5 days 5 nights battle of 1947 in Palembang. This is evidenced by the placement of a steel tank battle vehicle that is placed on top of the monument which is right in front of the market area, but now it has been replaced with another monument building. So, have you ever visited to finish your vacation in this area?