In ancient times, there was an old woman living with a female dog in the Bumberi Mountains, Fak-fak. One day they were looking for food in the forest. They arrived at a place where pandanus trees were bearing fruit. The old woman took the fruit and gave it to the female dog. Voraciously, the female dog ate the pandanus fruit.

Suddenly the dog’s stomach became pregnant and gave birth to a puppy. Not long after, the old woman ate the pandanus fruit. She became pregnant and gave birth to a boy who was named Kweiya. After Kweiya “grew up, he opened new fields in the forest. The only equipment he used was a stone ax in the shape of a chisel.

One day when Kweiya was cutting trees. suddenly a man approached him. Next. the man gave the iron ax to Kweiya. With this tool, now he can cut trees quickly. When lunch arrived, Kweiya introduced the man to his mother. After the food is available. Her mother called Kweiya. Kweiya asked the man to eat at home and get acquainted with his mother. Because that man contributed to his life. The mother accepts the man’s presence. Since then they have become husband and wife.

Several years later several children were born. These children are considered Kweiya’s younger siblings. However. The close brotherhood of the three of them is getting faded day by day because of the jealousy of his two younger siblings.

One day, they ganged up on Kweiya. The unbalanced fight caused Kweiya’s body to experience injuries. Kweiya hid in the corner of the house, spinning ropes from the bark of the Pogak Nggein tree. When their parents came home, they were silent. The youngest sister told their parents about the beating. He called Kweiya. but there was no reply.

Suddenly there was a voice that said “Eek..ek. oak, oak. oak. While answering, Kweiya who turned into a bird tucked his spun threads on his feet and then jumped on top of the house and moved to a tree branch near his house. Her mother cried asking for her share. Kweiya said. the mother’s share is on the koba-koba (umbrella mat), in the corner of the house. His mother immediately looked for some snacks. The spun thread was tucked into his armpits, then flew over the tall branch of the tree. Kweiya and her mother were perched in a tree chirping in a voice. “Wong, wong, wong, wong, ko. ko. ko. wow !! “

So since then birds of paradise exist in the world. How do you distinguish male and female birds of paradise? The male bird of paradise has long hair and is called Siangga. The female bird of paradise has short feathers and is called the Hanggam Tombor.


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