Indonesia is a country that has a variety of culinary delights that have delicious flavors. This time discusses one of the various culinary varieties, namely Catched Chicken.

Catched Chicken is a traditional food from Aceh. This food is made from basic ingredients of chicken meat, which is cooked and fried with special spices and served with crispy leaves.

In appearance, Catched Chicken is very different from other fried chicken dishes. But in terms of taste, Catched Chicken has a distinctive taste, making it one of the favorite foods in Aceh.

This food is called Catched Chicken because of the habits of the Acehnese when cooking chicken. Before cooking it, they have to catch the chicken first in their yard. So that many call it Catched Chicken.

The uniqueness of the Catched Chicken is very visible in terms of its presentation. In its presentation, the fried chicken is served with leaves such as temurui and pandan leaves which are roughly chopped and fried crispy. If we taste the crispy leaves, at first it will taste strange, but when combined with fried chicken, it will produce a distinctive and delicious taste. Its distinctive taste is one of the features of this Catched Chicken.

As explained earlier, this Catched Chicken is made from basic ingredients such as cut chicken, temurui leaves, pandan leaves and green chilies. For green chilies, they usually use long chilies which will later be served together with temurui and pandan leaves. As for the various spices that are usually used, including garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, and tamarind water.

In the process of making Catched Chicken, first the chicken meat is cut as desired and cleaned. Once clean, the meat is then soaked with the spices until it is absorbed then the chicken is fried until cooked. After it is almost cooked, then the temurui leaves, green chilies and pandan leaves are fried together with the chicken meat. After everything is cooked, then drain. Catched Chicken is usually served directly with the fried leaves. To add aroma, usually just sprinkle with fried onions.

For those of you who are enjoying this Catched Chicken for the first time, you will usually feel a different taste sensation from other chicken dishes. The delicious taste of chicken meat combined with crispy ginger leaves and pandan leaves certainly gives this food a delicious taste. Catched chicken is best served warm along with warm rice.

Catched Chicken is one of the most famous traditional foods in Aceh. If you go to Aceh, of course, it is easy to find this one food, because many food stalls or restaurants provide this menu. For the matter of price and taste, of course it varies greatly, so you have to find the right recommendation to suit your wishes.

Hopefully this article can help you regarding one of the traditional foods from Aceh. So, are you interested in tasting Acehnese specialties?


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