Indonesia has a variety of beautiful tourist attractions. One of the beautiful tourist attractions is Bunaken, which is located in North Sulawesi Province. Bunaken is administratively part of Manado. Bunaken has an interesting and famous underwater and marine. There is nothing wrong with visiting Bunaken to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

The location of Bunaken Island is in Manado Bay and is adjacent to Manado Tua Island, Mantigage Island, and Siladen Island. For those of you who want to come here, you must first stop in Manado City. After that, you continue the journey to the Port of Manado City or Marina Harbor which is only 10 minutes from the city center. Here you will find many fast boats and boats.

To arrive at Bunaken Island, you need approximately 30 minutes. There is a wooden pier with a length of up to 200 meters which is usually used by tourists to get on and off the boat or fast boat.

The first spot is often the main attraction for tourists. The reason is, when you just arrive, you are immediately greeted by a stretch of sea and a beach with very beautiful blackish white sand.

The underwater world of Bunaken really makes anyone impatient to enjoy it. However, before you venture into the sea, there are other things you can do, such as taking a walk on the beach while enjoying the beauty of Bunaken Island. You can see the fishermen working together to push the boat into the sea and there are also boat building activities. All of that you can enjoy for free.

In addition, on the edge there are also many inns available for those of you who want to spend the night. However, lodging on Bunaken Island is not only on the edge, there are also inns that are located on a hill. So, you can choose it as you wish.

After you see the beauty at the top of the island, it’s time to explore the marine world. If you forget to bring your diving equipment, then don’t worry. Here there are many snorkeling equipment rental service providers. Apart from that, there is also a diving class equipped with divers and instructors. That way, you can also choose which facilities and activities you want to choose. All of this will really help you complete this holiday moment perfectly!

When you start diving under the sea, you can enjoy its stunning beauty. Various types of colorful fish must be found here. Not only that, the clarity of sea water can make you see beautiful coral reefs. The shape of the coral reef is unique, namely in the form of a cliff or wall that juts downward.

The deeper you dive, all the richness and beauty of the underwater world will appear. The dive points in Bunaken are numerous. This certainly makes it easier for you to enjoy its beauty. Not only that, there is also a lot of research being done here because of the richness of its marine nature.

If you are bored just diving, on Bunaken Island you can actually feed fish. You can buy fish food at the snorkeling equipment rental location. So you will get closer to the fish while it is feeding.

So, are you interested in spending your best holiday by visiting this best tourist destination? Come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from


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