The story of Bujang Sri Ladang tells the story of a virgin who does not want to marry. However, one day he asked his parents for permission to go overseas. It was while he was overseas that he met 11 daughters who were bathing in the lake. Then, Bujang Sri Ladang hid the princess’s clothes so they felt lost.

While looking for the clothes, suddenly Bujang appeared and asked what was being sought. They replied that they had lost the clothes they used to return to heaven. At that time, Bujang asked, “If I find that shirt, what is the reward?” one of the princesses answered. “Whatever you ask we will grant”. Bujang also asked his intention that he wanted one of the daughters to become his wife. After agreeing, one of the daughters agreed to become Bujang’s wife, but with one condition, that Bujang could not eat pomegranates while they were married. Bachelors were able to fulfill that promise. Not long after that, Bujang and one of the daughters got married.

One day Bujang and his friends went hunting in the forest. In the forest, Bujang’s friend found a ripe pomegranate. Bujang is very hungry. Without realizing his vow, Bujang ate the pomegranate. After eating, then Bujang realized that he had broken his promise. Then he hurried home to see his wife. His wife was getting ready to fly to heaven but Bujang still managed to grab his wife’s long hair and Bujang also flew away. However, Bujang could not reach heaven and was in the clouds, while his wife had reunited with her brothers in heaven.


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