Although this area is located in the southern part of the island of Java and adjacent to the island of Nusakambangan, Cilacap Regency has some wealth in the culinary field. One of these culinary treasures is Brekecek. What is Brekecek?

Brekecek is a traditional dish made from fish heads and this food is favored by the people of Cilacap and the tourists who come there. Brekecek is also one of the famous culinary delights in Cilacap.

The name Brekecek is taken from the local language, namely the word “Brek” which means “to be dropped / put” and “kecek” which means “to be checked / mixed”. In the manufacturing process, the fish head used is jahan fish. The fish is then cut into pieces and then cooked and mixed with special spices so that the seasonings are absorbed.

Brekecek has 2 types, namely fish Brekecek and fish Brekecek / Serati duck. Even though they are made from different ingredients, the spices used are still the same. The spices are also adjusted to the basic ingredients so that they have the right taste with the basic ingredients.

Of the 2 types of Brekecek, the most popular and sold is the fish Brekecek. How did it happen? because Cilacap is located in a coastal area and is a fish producer, so the materials used are easy to find. Even so, but Brekecek basur tastes delicious when eaten.

This food has a savory, sweet and spicy taste in the sauce that seeps into the meat giving this dish its own delicacy. In addition, the aroma of spices is very pronounced in the sauce, adding to the enjoyment of this Brekecek.

Brekecek is delicious to eat while it’s still warm with rice. Because it uses fish head as its base material, many people like to slurp this fish head. From there the sensation of enjoying this food.

We can easily find this brekecek in the Cilacap area, Central Java. There are many food stalls serving this traditional food. In addition, in its development, Brekecek is also widely served in hotels or restaurants in the Cilacap area as an introduction and preservation of this traditional food.

So, are you interested in trying this traditional food from Cilacap? The taste is of course very delicious and of course it can make you full. Come on, visit Cilacap Regency.