Indonesia is a country that has a variety of delicious snacks. One of those delicious snacks is Bong Li Piang. Even though the name of this typical Bangka Belitung food sounds like food that comes from China, in reality it is not, bong Li Piang is original food from the island of Bangka.

Bong Li Piang is the first cake made by the Hakka tribe who came from China who used to migrate on a large scale to the south, including the island of Bangka. Their presence then continued with the presence of a number of cultural combinations to the food sector.

Bong Li Piang is a form of fusion between Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. This food is a cake made with easily available ingredients, such as wheat flour, coconut milk, palm sugar, and pineapple.

The texture of the Bong Li Piang cake is soft like a pillow cake with a sweet taste. Bong Li Piang usually contains pineapple jam. Currently, there are quite a number of variants of Bong Li Piang’s contents. This cake includes cookies that can be purchased as souvenirs.

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