Wrestling Bob is one of the traditional arts living in the Marind Anim community living on the mainland Kimaam. Named wrestling bob because it is played on the field in accordance with the naming given by bob means swamp. Wrestling bob is a hereditary ancestor that was created to solve a problem related to the occurrence of violations of young relationships.

As if the girlfriend (woman) is taken by another man and the party who has a boyfriend wants to recapture which results in a fight, then the customary elders will call the clan / clen in question to solve this problem in the bob wrestling match.

In the wrestling competition bob not only the party concerned who participated in this competition but also involving the clan / clen concerned will bring down all men who are considered capable and strong. The match will be led by a referee who of course has a different clan / clen to those who follow the match.

The tool used to calculate this match is the snail leaf frond that is on the ground near the referee, and when the right side is roaring then the referee will pluck the leaves on the right side and vice versa until whoever has the most branches picked he will come out as the champion and entitled to the woman.

The competition arena outside the village is a swamp field where the Kimaan plain district is a swamp district. And sometimes played in the afternoon. In the past, in this bob wrestling match, the participants used traditional clothing, that is, only using coconut shells that cover the genitals called Kuabango. During the time when these traditional clothes were not used the participants had used rubber pants.

Sooner or later this event turns into a game of the Kimaam community and is sometimes featured in certain events in the life of the Kimaam community. The social function of this traditional game is to train a boy’s ability to reach adulthood, in addition to being a strong family relationship between clans.

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