Bika Ambon is a typical type of wet cake originating from Medan, North Sumatra. This one cake is characterized by a yellow color and has cavities on the inside. Besides that, the Bika Ambon cake also has a distinctive taste and aroma that makes us addicted to eating it. In the city of Medan itself, this Bika Ambon cake is very well known and has become one of the culinary icons that the people are proud of. So that it is always a game for culinary lovers and tourists when visiting there.

The Origin of Bika Ambon

When we first hear the name of this Bika Ambon cake, of course we will think that this one cake comes from the Maluku region in eastern Indonesia. But in fact this Bika Ambon cake is indeed very popular in Medan City, North Sumatra.

From several sources that we found, there are several versions of the story that explain the origin of the name Bika Ambon. One of them is from the explanation of M. Muhar Omtatok, a cultural observer and historian who explained that the Bika Ambon cake was originally inspired by the typical Malay cake, namely bika or also known as bingka. The cake is then modified by adding a developer ingredient in the form of Nira or Tuak Enau. So that the inside becomes hollow and has a different taste from the typical Malay bika cake.

Then, this cake began to be called the Bika Ambon cake because it was first sold at the intersection of Jl. Ambon – Sei Kera, Medan. Due to the large number of enthusiasts, this cake became popular and is often referred to as the Bika Ambon cake, according to the name of the street. The origin and name of Bika Ambon are still controversial. But even so, the Bika Ambon cake remains one of the special dishes of the people of Medan.

Making Bika Ambon

The ingredients used to make Bika Ambon include flour, eggs, sap, sugar, and coconut milk. As for the flavoring ingredients, you can use pandan leaves, lime leaves, or vanilli. In the process of making it, first, boil coconut milk together with lime leaves and pandan leaves. After the coconut milk has cooled, then add one by one the ingredients such as eggs, flour, sugar and sap. The material is stirred until evenly distributed, then let stand for several hours until it settles. After that, put the dough into the oven over medium heat, and wait for the cake to cook.

Taste of Bika Ambon

This Bika Ambon has a very distinctive taste. Its legit taste combined with its chewy texture certainly creates its own sensation when we eat it. Apart from that the strong aroma is also very appetizing.

Bika Ambon Culinary Place

Bika Ambon cake is a typical food that is very famous in Medan City, North Sumatra. Apart from being consumed alone, this one food is also widely traded, and even becomes one of the typical souvenir foods of Medan City. One of the areas where there are many Bika Ambon sellers is in the Jalan Majapahit area.

According to several sources that we got, there are many shops selling this one special food. The flavors offered also vary, ranging from pandanus, chocolate, cheese, and others. Even without using preservatives, this Bika Ambon cake can last up to 3-4 days. So it is also very suitable to be used as souvenirs when we visit there.

Well, that’s the explanation about “Bika Ambon, Typical Food of Medan, North Sumatra”. Hopefully this will be useful and increase your knowledge about traditional food in Indonesia.