Spending that vacation time is very enjoyable. One of the fun holidays is climbing mountains in Indonesia. Several mountain climbing routes in Indonesia have begun to open even though Indonesia is also affected by the danger of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. How do you spend a vacation climbing mountains in Indonesia despite the Pandemic?

Below are some tips for hiking in Indonesia despite the pandemic.

1. The body is in good health

It’s good to get used to exercising, walking or jogging before climbing the mountain. Measure how many turns or distance you can cover to simulate your climbing ability. Prepare needs that support climbing activities such as supplies, equipment, medicines and multivitamins.

2. Prepare Mentally

A strong mentality is also needed so that climbers can face various challenges during the climb such as unwanted events, for example being separated from the group or getting lost while climbing so that they can find solutions to find a group or seek help.

3. Prepare Logistics (Equipment Needs)

Ildrem said that each climber must bring his own food and drink supplies and not depend on the group. Provisions such as drinking water must be sufficient to overcome dehydration, it is better if the mountains that are climbed have springs.

The food that you take up the mountain is also a practical food with high calories. Also prepare brown sugar, sweet candy, or chocolate. Its sugar content can help climbers get energy.

Other logistics that must be carried include changing clothes, fire-making tools, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, to eating and drinking utensils. The equipment is adjusted according to how long it takes to climb the mountain.

4. Find out information on conditions and location of Medan

Another important thing when climbing a mountain is that climbers must know the characteristics of the mountain terrain. Not only knowing the path, climbers are also required to have knowledge of mountain conditions.

As technology advances, climbers can see the topography of the mountain to be climbed with a smartphone. Applications such as Google Maps already provide topographic information, so that climbers can find out where steep cliffs, sloping areas, river paths, to possible locations to open tents.

5. Consider the Weather Forecast

Also find out about the weather conditions when climbing the mountain. Even though the weather on the mountain is very unpredictable, climbers can at least find out the initial weather information in the area through the help of weather forecasts.

Bad weather can sometimes exceed the climbing time so that we are recorded as violating the Standard Operating Procedure that has been determined by the manager. The impact can be backed up to climb the next mountain.

6. Pay attention to the regulations on certain mountains

Even though they were already opened, several mountains had new regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important for prospective climbers to understand what these rules are.

Usually contains the minimum capacity, the length of time provided to climb the mountain, online or offline registration, and other important information. Search for this information from trusted sources, one of which is through the official mountain site. Come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from indonesiar.com


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