Once upon a time, there was a wealthy merchant. This merchant behaved badly. He is arrogant and stingy. Because of his bad character, the villagers really hate him.

One day, the Merchant came to a beggar with lame legs begging for food. Instead of giving, the merchant even rebuked and cursed, “It’s good that you beg. You think my property belongs to your ancestors, already, go there! ”

The Beggar was pushed by the merchant until he fell. Getting such treatment, the beggar is also cheap.

You arrogant human being! Wait, soon you will be rewarded for your actions! ” said the Beggar as he got up and left without looking back.

The next day, when the Merchant woke up, his legs were hard to move. He could not get up from his bed. He panicked. He ordered his officers to find a doctor, shaman or magician

to cure his disease. However, none of the smart people managed to cure it. The merchant also promised that he would give half of his wealth, to anyone who could cure his disease. Hearing that, the beggar with lame legs came back and explained what caused the Saudagartersebut leg to become paralyzed.

“The misfortune that befell you is due to your arrogant and stingy nature. There are some conditions if you want to be healed .. First, you must be humble and generous. Second, go ascetic on a concave rock for seven days and seven nights. Third, fulfill your promise to

“Divide half of the wealth among the poor around your house”.

With the help of his servant, the Merchant set out to ascend on a concave stone for seven days and seven nights. On the last day of the hermitage, a miracle happened. From the center of the concave rock springs a hot spring. The merchant stopped his tap, he bathed with a hot spring. Strangely enough, both of his legs that were once paralyzed, can now move it back. After lowering for a while, he can now walk normally.

After confidently recovering as usual, the merchant returned to his home. He kept his promise, distributing half of the property to the poor around his residence. It really has changed. If a beggar comes in a hurry he gives money or food as he deserves. When he married he did not choose the daughter of the rich man but chose the village girl the son of a poor farmer.

I think his bitter experience of not being able to walk has made him realize, no longer arrogant, but likes to help others. People who used to hate him now turn to liking him. The trade was smooth, it was getting richer.

The locals call the term concave with Kuwung, so Batu Cekung which has been the cause of the merchant’s healing is called Batu Kuwung. It is said that various diseases can be cured by bathing with the hot springs of Batu Kuwung located at the foot of Mount Karang.


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