In ancient times, in the Padamara area near the Sawing River, West Nusa Tenggara, lived a poor couple. The wife is named inaq lembain, while her husband is named Amaq Lembain. Every day they go to the homes of the residents in search of work. If in the village there are no residents who use their energy they go from one village to another while carrying their two children.

On one occasion “they arrived at a house of a resident who seemed busy pounding rice. | naq Lembain approached him. “Ma’am… can I go to work to help pound rice…?”

Yes. Coincidentally we mashed quite a lot, can you help us?

“Thank you Ma’am” said Inaq Lembain with a happy heart.

When pounding rice. Inaq Lembain’s two children were placed on a flat rock not far from where he pounded rice. The stone is called golog stone.

“You guys are waiting here. do not be naughty mother is working so that later we can be hired to eat. ” message inaq Lembain.

Then. inaq Lembain works pounding rice. Not long after, her two children shouted for her.

“Mother mother!” Shouted the two children inaq Lembain. _ The mother thinks her children are just fun to call her. Without looking back he continued his work.

Lbuuu…! ibuuuuu! ”

“Wait for you there for a while! mother works, “said inaq Lembain, ignoring the cries of her two children.

Actually the kids are not sulking. The stone they were sitting on suddenly moved upwards. The two children were so frightened that they called their mother.

Because he thought the child was joking. inaq Lembain did not see the stone getting taller and taller. Its height exceeds the coconut tree. The two children shouted in fear.

“Mothers… mother… please!” Her son shouted from a height.

” Wait. I am working, “said Inaq Lembain.

Without realizing it. her children’s screams sounded faint. Again he did not ignore the child’s cry. The longer. he did not hear the shouts of his children. He thought the boy must have fallen asleep.

While the golog stone is getting taller and taller. Inaq Lembain’s two children have been carried away by the golog stone until it penetrates into the clouds. How surprised Inaq Lembain was to see her two children no longer visible.

inaq Lembain is very confused to save his two children. He cried and begged the Gods to be able to take his son who was above the clouds. The prayer of inaq Lembain was answered. He was given magical powers by the Gods. With his belt, he could cut off the golog stone just once. The golog stone was cut into three parts. The severed parts of the golog stone were thrown very far.

The first part falls somewhere causing the ground to vibrate. The place where the stone fell became a village which was later named Gembong Village. The second part falls somewhere which is later named Dasan Batu. This name was given because someone saw the stone fall. Meanwhile, the third part of the golog stone fell somewhere and was named Montong Teker. This name was given because the last part of the fallen golog stone caused a rumbling sound.

Batugolog is indeed divided into three parts. But Inaq Lembain could not get her child. Inaq Lembain’s son has turned into two birds. The older sister turns into a Kekuwo bird, while the younger sister turns into a Kelik bird.


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