This story depicts a widow who lives with her two children, Yang Sari and Pang Yakop. Yang Sari is 14 years old and Pang Yakop is 1.5 years old. This widow worked fishing and farming.

This widow really wanted to eat the ginger fish eggs found in the sea. Because he wanted to eat the egg, he ordered his son, Yang Sari, “Leave a little for Mak, the egg of temakul fish. Don’t run out of it! ”. However, Yang Sari forgot her mother’s message. He ate the egg because it was delicious.

Maknya was very upset and angry and went to the beach near a large rock. There he regretted this life, especially when his son did not want to hear his message. Then the widow swore, “The stone cuttings are filled; than I am long suffering; cup split stone, cup me I don’t know which magical power appeared, suddenly the big rock was completely perched and the widow swallowed up inside. Yang Sari and Pang Yakob were left alone without father and mother. Yang Sari was very depressed and sorry, but to no avail.

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