Try to imagine if there were a number of bridges that were joined together. The result is a long and impressive bridge. That is what happened to the Barelang Bridge which unites six bridges.


Barelang Bridge is the abbreviation of BAtam, REmpang, and gaLANG. This name is used because this bridge connects Batam Island, Tonton Island, Nipah Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and Galang Baru Island.

Even though the series of bridges is known as the Barelang Bridge, the local people prefer to call it the Habibie Bridge. Because, this bridge was initiated by Mr. BJ Habibie.

Barelang Bridge has become an icon of Batam Island. The purpose of the construction of this bridge is to connect industrial areas around the big islands of the Batam municipality.

Six Bridges

Barelang Bridge consists of 6 bridges that have their own names.

  1. From Batam Island and Tonton, it is connected by Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge with a length of 642 meters.
  2. From Tonton Island to Nipah Island, the 420 meter long Nara Singa Bridge is connected.
  3. From Nipah Island to Setoko Island, the 270-meter Raja Ali Haji Bridge is connected.
  4. From Setoko to Rempang, the 365 meter long Sultan Zainal Abidin Bridge is connected.
  5. From Rempang to Galang, the 385 meter long Tuanku Tambusai Bridge is connected.
  6. From Galang to Galang Baru, the 180 meter long Raja Kecik Bridge is connected.

Remarkably, this bridge was actually initiated and worked on by hundreds of Indonesian engineers without the intervention of foreign experts. This bridge was built to expand the Batam Authority (OB) working area as the regulator for the Batam Island industrial area.

The Trans Barelang bridge builder has absorbed the Batam Authority (OB) budget of Rp. 400 billion, which was built over a six-year period (1992 – 1998).

So, if you are traveling to Batam, you must visit the Batam Icon for this one money so you have the knowledge that Indonesia is also not inferior to other countries.

Source :  Indonesiar