Indonesia has several National Parks. One of the national parks in Indonesia is Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. This national park holds a lot of ecotourism wealth with breathtaking landscapes.

From The Kingdom of Butterflies, which has hundreds of species of butterflies, the majestic Bantimurung Waterfall, to the prehistoric caves, karst mountains and stunning lakes of Rammang-Rammang. Guaranteed, you will be satisfied exploring this national park area.

In addition to Dream Cave and Batu Cave, the main attraction of this area is the unique limestone forest (karst). The row of limestone hills spread over an area of ​​45 hectares is a natural phenomenon like no other.

Not only that, you can spend time in Rammang-Rammang while relaxing at the Hill Cafe. The location is above the height, it takes a little energy to climb several tens of stairs. But when you get there, you’ll be amazed!

Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee and a plate of snacks, with a green and soothing view. The fresh air as well as the sunny weather, all perfect! Even though the place looks simple and not a fancy cafe that hits big cities, the menu is cooked with intent and tastes good too. Not just selling scenery, is it cool? Try the coffee and fried sweet potatoes!

The famous British researcher, Alfred Russel Wallace, dubbed Bantimurung the Kingdom of Butterflies because he managed to find 285 species of butterflies (some of which are rare!) When he first visited here.

But the main attraction that attracts visitors here is the Bantimurung Waterfall which looks very majestic with its roar that echoes in the midst of nature.

This national park has a mountain that is suitable for you if you like trekking sports. It’s fun to try climbing Mount Bulusaraung which is in this national park area.

Upon arrival, you will be presented with a panoramic view of the limestone mountains and valleys of Pangkep-Maros with a unique structure. Who knows, maybe you will also come across one or two keraliar national parks. Are you interested? Come on, travel to Indonesia and get the best information from


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